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Select Who You Would Like to Verify

This page is for employers who wish to verify certification of a NP.

Fee & Payment

  • $40 per each Verification search per AANPCB Certification Specialty per Certificant
  • Payable by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX), voucher number, or paper check

Information Required for Order

  • To ensure a successful search, use the NP's last name and the AANPCB certification number
    Our certification numbers begin with either an A (adult), AG (adult-gerontology), F (family), E (Emergency), or G (gerontologic). Numbers that do not begin with A, AG, F, E, or G are not AANPCB certification numbers
  • Current, signed release from the NP, dated within 6 months of Verification order
  • Before ordering a verification on a new nurse practitioner, we strongly recommend waiting 10 days after the testing date to get an accurate verification
  • Before ordering a verification on an NP who is renewing the certification, please allow up to two weeks after the certification expiration date to submit a verification order

Ways to Order Verification

  • Scroll down to start order
  • Via Email, Fax, or Mail with completed AANPCB Primary Source Order Form and current, signed release from the NP, dated within 6 months of Verification order

Delivery of Verification Results

  • Results regarding online verification orders are emailed within the same business day of order submission
  • Results regarding emailed, faxed, or mailed verification orders are emailed within 1 business day of receipt

Refund/Cancellation Policy for Verification Orders

  • Due to the rapid response of our verification order system, once credit card orders are made, they cannot be cancelled.
  • Payment-by-check orders may be cancelled before payment is received and processed by AANPCB.
  • AANPCB is not responsible for duplicate orders placed by the customer. This includes all orders made online and sent to AANPCB for in-house processing
  • Exceptions for refunds will be considered. Each business is allowed one refund per year

Who Would You Like to Verify?

  • Please check the data you enter for accuracy.
  • You will have an opportunity to verify more than one individual on a verification order.

If you do not receive results within 24 hours of your order submission, please contact the Verification Department at (512) 637-0500. Do not attempt to make a duplicate order.