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Renewal Requirements

Thank you for your interest in Recertification with AANPCB. Certificants are encouraged to apply online. A paper application is available for certificants who prefer this method.

Certification is "time limited". Minimum requirements for renewal of certification must be met within the 5-year period of certification in order to renew certification.

There are two options for certification renewal.

Option 1: Recertify by Clinical Practice Hours and Continuing Education (CE)

  • Minimum 1,000 hours of clinical practice in the Nurse Practitioner role in any specialty appropriate for the population focus of certification within 5-year certification period.
  • Minimum 100 contact hours of advanced CE
    • Pharmacology CEs are required - 25 credits of the 100 CEs must be advanced practice pharmacology that are completed within the 5-year certification period.
    • Precepting is an optional criterion that can be used to replace up to 25 non-pharmacology CE credits. Precepting is defined as serving as a clinical preceptor for interdisciplinary advanced health care student(s) while providing direct patient care as a nurse practitioner in your area of certification. To convert clinical preceptor hours to CE contact hours, see the Conversion Table on page 19 of Recertification/Certificant Handbook. A maximum of 125 preceptor hours may replace 25 non-pharmacology CE credits.
  • Hold current RN or APRN licensure during the period of certification.


- Clinical Hours: Volunteer service can be included as clinical practice hours. Documentation needs to be submitted with the application showing that the volunteer service was performed in a Nurse Practitioner position where you were diagnosing, assessing, and treating/recommending treatment. - CE: Applicable graduate coursework taken within your 5-year certification period may be acceptable for continuing education. All coursework is subject to approval and must be accompanied by a copy of a transcript. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for Recertification, but must show the pre-printed university and student’s name. - CE: Basic Life Support (BLS) is NOT accepted for CE credit. Advanced Life Support courses are accepted, but must be documented with a CE certificate that shows designated contact hours awarded and date completed (wallet cards are not sufficient).

Option 2: Recertify by Examination

  • Take the A-GNP or FNP National Certification Examination. (Due to examination retirement, this is not an available option for ANP or GNP Certifications).
  • Hold current RN or APRN licensure during the period of certification.

When you are ready to recertify, proceed to our homepage and scroll down until you see the "Recertify Now" button. You will be prompted to login to your online profile, and will then proceed to the online application. Paper applications are also available under "Forms" on the navigation bar, and include a built-in processing fee of $50 per submission.

For additional information about renewal requirements, refer to the Certificant Handbook [2MB .pdf]