Application Process

Online Profile

Applicants must create an Online Profile to apply for certification. Applicants need to enter their legal first and last name to create an Online Profile because that name:

The email address used by an applicant to create an online Profile is the email address:

Initiate an Application

To begin the application process, click on "Begin Certification" on the Home Page and enter the required information. Paper applications* (located under Forms) are available for use by individuals unable to utilize the web-based application.

Candidate Handbooks

Candidate handbooks provide detailed information about the application process, testing content, and testing procedures. Applicants are encouraged to review the Candidate Handbook for the examination they are applying to take.

Application Review and Approval

Applications are approved if requirements for eligibility are met and required documentation is received and reviewed for completeness. Candidates are not eligible to sit until after the applicant has completed all of the didactic and clinical coursework required in the NP portion of their educational program.

Eligibility to Test

Candidates are notified by email when they are eligible to test. PSI will send the candidate a registration eligibility confirmation email within 24 hours that contains the link and instructions for scheduling the examination in the PSI system online at www.psiexams.com.

Scheduling an Examination

Candidates are able to schedule their testing appointment at a location on a date convenient for their scheduling needs based on PSI testing center’s availability. Applicants who do not test during the 120-day testing window will be required to obtain a request from AANPCB to have their Eligibility Identification Number re-set and pay all applicable fees. Candidates found ineligible to have their eligibility reactivated will be refunded the registration fee less a processing fee.


Candidates must follow PSI Testing Center Guidelines (www.psiexams.com) regarding rescheduling, cancellations, and withdrawals. Candidates must call and speak with a PSI Customer Service Representative at (800) 733-9267 during hours of operation. A voicemail message is not an acceptable form of cancellation.


A service fee is charged for processing of all initial certification, recertification, retake, or conversion paper applications.