Disciplinary Policy

The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board (AANPCB) is a national certifying body which develops and administers nurse practitioner (NP) certification programs for individuals wishing to enter, continue and/or advance in the NP profession through established certification processes. AANPCB awards the Nurse Practitioner-Certified (NP-C®) credential. As the owner of the NP-C® trademark, AANPCB controls its use.

AANPCB Certificants may hold themselves out to the public to be a certified NP. To be eligible for certification or recertification, an individual must comply with AANPCB policies and procedures, and standards of conduct as set forth in the Disciplinary Policy.


The AANPCB Disciplinary Policy: (1) articulates standards of conduct for individuals seeking certification and recertification and for individuals holding certification and (2) establishes a fair process for addressing noncompliance.

General Principles/ Standards of Conduct

Candidates and Certificants must:

Violations and Sanctions

Actions which constitute a violation of AANPCB Disciplinary Policy include, but are not limited to: cheating on an examination, providing false information, misrepresenting certification status, misusing AANPCB property, and being subject to any regulatory, criminal, or civil action related to the practice as a certified NP.

Grounds for sanctions are as follows:

Individuals who bring forth complaints are not entitled to relief or damages by virtue of this process. Actions taken by AANPCB do not constitute enforcement of the law, although referral to appropriate federal, state or local government agencies, including boards of nursing, law enforcement, public health agencies, or employers may be made about a Certificant’s conduct in appropriate situations. The Board of Commissioners may amend, modify, or change the Disciplinary Policy and procedures without prior notice.

Process for Submitting Complaints

Complaints about an AANPCB Certificant may be submitted by any individual or entity, but must be in writing and include the identity of the submitter as well as the identity of the Certificant. Address complaints to: Certification@aanpcert.org; attn.: Certification Manager or mail to: AANPCB, P.O. Box 12926, Austin, TX 78711.