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Purpose of Recertification and Related Documents


The purpose of certification renewal is to provide a mechanism to assure the public that AANPCB certified nurse practitioners have met current professional standards of knowledge and skills required to maintain their NP certification.

  • Certification is time-limited, granted for 5-year periods only, and must be renewed.
  • Nurse Practitioners must maintain professional competency based on current information and knowledge affecting their practice.
  • Knowledge and skills required for professional and competent NP practice evolve over time.
  • Without a process for renewal of certification, a credential’s value may diminish over time.
  • Recertification requirements serve to measure and reassure the public of NP continued professional competence.

Renewal of certification is accomplished by either:

  • Meeting minimum clinical practice and continuing education requirements established by AANPCB for renewal and maintenance of certification, or
  • Sitting for the appropriate AGNP, ENP, or FNP certification examination. Recertification by examination is not an option for ANPs or GNPs.

Conversion of ANP and GNP Dual-certified NPs

Certificants who are certified as both an Adult Nurse Practitioner and a Gerontologic Nurse Practitioner may complete the application process for conversion of the individual credentials to the A-GNP credential.

Emergency NPs

The online recertification application process and renewal documents for Emergency Nurse Practitioners will become available in 2020. Please refer to the ENP Specialty Certification Handbook for available information on renewal of certification. ENP certification cannot be renewed without current FNP certification.

Recertification Application and Documents

  1. Certificants must create or update their Online Profile.
  2. Certification renewal may be done with an Online or Paper application. Documents may be uploaded to the Online application.
  3. Steps to complete the Paper Application form:
  • Download the appropriate Renewal of Certification Application form.
  • Paper applications are fillable PDF forms. Type directly into the application form, then save to your computer. The latest version of Adobe Reader is required. Download Adobe Reader (Free)
  • Return the completed application form by fax, email, or mail.
  • For additional information, refer to FAQs and the Recertification Handbook [2MB .pdf]

Renewal of Certification by Clinical Hours and CE Application [591KB .pdf]

Renewal of Certification by Examination Application [472KB .pdf]

A-GNP, ENP and FNP Certification Examination Retake Application [293KB .pdf]

Renewal of Certification State Board Notification [242KB .pdf]

Preceptorship Form [230KB .pdf]

Continuing Education Log [192KB .pdf]

Faculty Log [168KB .pdf]