Have You Been a Preceptor for NP Students?

February 2016 - Hours providing direct patient care while serving as a preceptor at the advanced practice level since 2012 may be claimed by Certificants due to renew on or after January 1st, 2017. The option to claim Preceptor hours as a component of recertifying with continuing education (CE) and clinical practice hours is just one of several changes made to AANPCP’s requirements for renewal of certification effective January 2017.

The AANPCP 2016 Certificant & Candidate Handbook contains detailed information. Please refer to the section Renewal and Maintenance of Certification -> Certificants who Precept. The Preceptorship Form is located under the tab Recertify. A maximum of 120 Preceptor hours may be converted to CE credits for a maximum of 25 non-pharmacology CE credits. Precepting in the Certificant Role and Population Focus with graduate-level NP and/or Inter-professional Education (IPE) students of a program organized in collaboration with a student’s course faculty, academic advisory, and partners of a clinical site or organization is accepted.