Recertification for ANP, FNP, and GNP...When are you due to recertify?

April 2012 - As a health care professional, recertification is extremely important. Recertification is an indicator to consumers, colleagues, and employers that a nurse practitioner has kept up with current education and practice. To keep Adult, Family, and Gerontologic certifications current, Nurse Practitioners certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Program (AANPCP) must recertify every five years. This may be done either by sitting for the appropriate examination or by meeting current clinical practice and continuing education requirements established by AANPCP for recertification. A specific number of pharmacy content hours are not currently required. It is recommended that NPs recertifying include pharmacy content as well, as this is just one of several areas involving certification that will change with the implementation of the National Consensus Model.

The recertification process may be started 6 months prior to one's NP certification expiration date and at least 8 weeks prior to the expiration date of their current certification. It is the responsibility of the candidates to apply for recertification, and to advise the Certification Program of any address or email changes. Recertification can now be done on-line, and NPs who are current members of AANP receive a discount on recertification.

Without timely renewal certifications will expire and may affect your license to practice in many states. Please, don't let this happen to you!