AANPCB Expands Recertification Requirement Options

To better fit the scope of clinically focused roles available to nurse practitioners today, AANPCB updated recertification requirements by practice and CE effective April 1, 2023. To qualify for recertification by practice and CE, a certificant must complete a minimum of 1,000 practice hours as a nurse practitioner in the population-focus of their certification, within their 5-year certification period. Eligible practice hours now include not only the role of direct patient care, but also administrative, educational, and research roles. Guidelines for each role include:

Direct Patient Care duties can include direct patient care and faculty clinical supervision of NP students. Telehealth and volunteer practice are included.

Administrative duties involve overseeing and interacting with advanced practice providers and/or faculty.

Education includes clinical supervision and/or didactic teaching in an NP program or providing education to advanced practice providers in other settings.

Research must be outcomes related and patient driven. Activities include QI, evidence-based science, and practice innovation.

Additional information can be found at aanpcert.org and in our Recertification Handbook. For questions regarding these changes, please email certification@aanpcert.org.