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Nurse Practitioners certified by AANPCB:

  • Must meet established requirements set by AANPCB for the renewal of certification.
  • Must keep current with new information related to contemporary knowledge of the wellness-illness continuum in order to demonstrate continued competency for renewal of certification.
  • Are responsible for maintaining currency of both their National Certification and RN/ APRN licensure for employment, billing, and credentialing purposes.
  • Are certified for a specific 5-year period of time.
  • Are referred to as Certificants.
  • Are authorized to use the credential NP-C indicating they have met the standards, qualifications, and testing requirements established by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners National Certification Board, Inc.
  • Have maintained continued competency in the profession through established recertification processes.
  • Subscribe to the Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners and the Standards of Practice for Nurse Practitioners established by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), and the American Nurses Association’s Advanced Practice Nurses Scope of Practice.
  • Are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the National Consensus Model for APRN Regulation and its impact on their certification, licensure, education, and practice.
  • Must keep current with the SBON rules and regulations of the state in which they are licensed to practice.
  • Are responsible for notifying AANPCB of changes to their contact information during the period of their certification.
  • May be unable to work as a Nurse Practitioner if they allow their certification to expire.
  • Are responsible for submitting the appropriate fee and documentation for timely renewal of certification.
  • MAY NOT use the NP-C credential if they allow their certification to expire.