Practice Examinations:

Practice examinations are useful tools for candidates preparing to take an official competency-based examination. They may be used by candidates to identify areas in which further study may be needed in anticipation of taking an official competency-based examination. The AANPCP Practice Examinations provide candidates an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the format of the test questions on the AANPCP National Certification Examination. A Practice Examination is an assessment tool and not a study guide for the National Certification Examination.

It is important to note that performance on a Practice Examination is not a predictor of whether a candidate will pass or fail the competency-based AANPCP National Certification Examination.

Practice Examination Description

AANPCP and ProExam have partnered with an independent, web-based test service to deliver user-friendly, convenient, computer-based administration of the AANPCP practice examination. Test takers have 90 minutes to complete their chosen computer-based practice test. Instructions for submitting payment and taking the practice examinations are provided.

About AANPCP’s Adult-Gerontology Primary Care and Family Nurse Practitioner Practice Examinations:


Taking, completing, and passing an AANPCP Practice Examination does not in any way result in or guarantee passing the actual AANPCP National Certification Examination.

The AANPCP Practice Examinations:

Candidates choosing to purchase an AANPCP Practice Examination more than once, please note... there is only one version of the examination per specialty.

Please be advised that AANPCP staff cannot access the tests or provide answers to the questions on the practice exams. The delivery mechanism for the AANPCP Practice Examinations is independent of AANPCP, therefore, the AANPCP staff cannot respond to technical difficulties that may arise during the administration of an exam.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully at the beginning of the session. Please contact the practice exam vendor in the event of a problem associated with taking the practice exam.

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