FAQs - AANPCB Verification and Fees

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Q: What fees are associated with Certification?

A: Below is list of current fees. All fees shown are in USD and are subject to change without prior notification.

Certification/Retake Exam AANP Members $240 Non-Members $315
Certification/Retake Exam by Paper Application AANP Members $290 Non-Members $365
Recertification by Practice Hours & CE AANP Members $120 Non-Members $195
Recertification by Practice Hours & CE by Paper Application AANP Members $170 Non-Members $245
Recertification by Exam AANP Members $240 Non-Members $315
Recertification by Exam by Paper Application AANP Members $290 Non-Members $365
Practice Exam $50  
A-GNP Conversion $50  
A-GNP Conversion by Paper Application $100  
Verification Requests $40  
Verification to State Boards of Nursing No charge  
Replacement Wall Certificate and Wallet Card $20  
Returned Check Fee $25  
Cancelation/Withdrawal $120  
Ineligible Application $60  

Q: How can I pay to take the certification exam and/or any related fees?

A: We accept all major credit cards, money orders, and paper checks for payment. Please note: There is a $25 USD fee for all returned checks.

Please allow 3-5 business days for processing payment by paper checks.

Q: If I am a member of AANP, can I receive a discount on the certification application?

A: Yes. Members of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners qualify for a $75 USD discount on all certification applications. Please include your member number when completing your application so as to receive the discount. The AANPCB is a separately incorporated entity from the AANP; as such we have very limited access to membership information. If the AANP membership number is not on the application, you will be charged the non-member price. Remember, your AANP member number will be different from your AANPCB certification number.

Q: I already submitted my application, but have just applied for membership with AANP. Can I still qualify for the member discount?

A: If you apply for membership through AANP and request membership rate within 30 days of submitting your application with AANPCB, you can still qualify for the membership discount. Please contact AANPCB in writing, requesting the member rate discount for a $75 USD fund. Include your complete name, AANP membership number, and send it to certification@aanpcert.org or fax it to (512)-637-0540.

Q: Can I include my AANP membership dues payment with my AANPCB application for certification?

A: No. AANPCB and AANP are separate organizations and do not share databases or membership information. If you need to renew your AANP membership and need to submit payment, you need to send your payment directly to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners at 901 S. Mopac Expressway, Bldg. 2 Ste. 450, Austin, TX 78746.

Q: Is there a fee to send a verification of certification to my state board of nursing?

A: There is no fee to provide verification to your state board of nursing. See the State Board of Nursing Notification Form to download.

Q: I would like additional verifications sent to my employer or potential employer. What is the fee?

A: The processing fee for verification is $40 USD. Requests can be made online or by paper.

Q: Will AANPCB automatically notify my state board of nursing or employer of the results of either my certification exam or my eligibility to sit for the exam?

A: No. State boards of nursing and employers are not automatically notified by us. AANPCB provides verification of eligibility to sit for the certification exam and/or the results of your certification examination only if you request it. A request can be made in several ways:

*Verification Form can be: