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FAQs - AANPCB Certification

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Q: What certification examinations are offered by AANPCB?

A: We currently offer the Family, Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse, and Emergency Nurse Practitioner certification exams.

Q: Does AANPCB offer educational courses or training materials to prepare exam candidates to take the AANPCB certification exams?

A: No, AANPCB is a certification agency and does not approve, develop, offer, or endorse any educational programs.

Q: Is the AANPCB certification nationally recognized by all states?

A: Yes, the AANPCB certifications (ANP, A-GNP, FNP and GNP) are currently recognized by all states, as well as by Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, and most private insurance companies. The GNP certification has been retired as an entry level certification since 2012. The Adult NP examination was retired in December 2016. Nurse Practitioners certified as an ANP or GNP should check with the Board of Nursing of the state in which they are licensed to practice for additional information.

The ENP certification meets the requirements described in the national Consensus Model for APRN Regulation for subspecialty certifications. However, state practice acts, licensure, and recognition vary significantly in the U.S.; each NP will need to verify information with the state they practice.

Q: Does Canada recognize the AANPCB certification

A: In some provinces, yes. NPs should check with the governing board of the province in which they plan to practice.

Q: Will AANPCB be retiring any certification exams soon?

A: AANPCB retired the ANP exam in December of 2016. The GNP exam was retired in 2012. If NPs maintain current certification with AANPCB as an ANP or GNP through continuing education and clinical practice hours, and do not allow certification to expire, their credential will not be affected.

Q: I am dual certified as an ANP and GNP. Am I eligible for the Adult-Gerontology NP certification?

A: Yes, if you hold both an ANP and GNP certification with AANPCB, you have the option to convert your certifications to the AGNP certification. You will need to complete the Conversion Application and submit the appropriate payment to AANPCB. This can be done through an online application or by paper application (for an additional fee) via mail, email or fax.

Q: I completed an Adult NP (ANP) program. Can I take the Adult-Gerontology NP (AGNP) certification examination?

A:  It is required that the certification specialty aligns with the population area of an applicant’s education program. Therefore, graduates of an ANP program in most cases will not qualify for the AGNP certification and will need to contact their academic program to clarify if their ANP program met AGNP program requirements. Documentation from the academic program administrator may be required to confirm eligibility.